Atari Joins Real Money Online and Mobile Casino Gaming

In order to become the best online casino in the industry, the service provider must be able to give players a wide range of choices so they won’t get bored, and they will always have something to look forward to. Real money gaming sites like never fail to do that. So does the world-renowned Japanese gambling firm Atari although it has been pushed to the side by new games offered by the Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBOX and Nintendo. In the early 1980s, Atari became very popular with its video games, and now it is attempting to make a comeback, and this time it would be with real money games. Atari is now looking into a different perspective, and that is mobile casino and internet gambling.

Atari revealed its plan for launching its Atari Casino that will be made available on mobile platforms and online.  The mobile application as well as the gaming site will be powered by software developer, Pariplay. Atari aims to provide players both the traditional Vegas-style games as well as the newest versions. Atari’s fans will no longer have to be stuck with their old video games, as now they can upgrade themselves to the real money gaming which is the trend in today’s gaming. Among the games to look forward to are the mobile and online versions of solitaire and bingo, video poker, blackjack, Bonus Charms and even the branded version of solitaire—Centipede. It also includes the 23 pay line slot called the Star Raiders and another exciting Asteroids game where players can win huge real money prizes simply by shooting the asteroids.

Atari has initially launched Atari Jackpot which is a social gaming app. The new online casino and mobile app are inspired by its success. Although Atari is quite new to real money gaming, its executives are positive that they can make it into this very competitive market. They are as well hopeful that this will become a business model that they can rely on in the near future. Atari is just among the many game makers that shifted from traditional video games to social gaming and now real money gaming. Casinos are not really Atari’s forte, but their experience in creating games that became huge hits is extensive.