EC Urges Responsible Gambling Online

The authors of the proposed rules in gambling are having a hard time trying to get their thoughts across because of the controversy that lurks with the challenges in policy within the European Union. There are certain dangers that surround the world of online gambling and gambling that should be avoided. This is the message that the European Commission has been aiming to give to the public through social media campaigns, ads and even sites like Wiktionary. The European Commission, through their responsible role, sent out a statement recognizing that there should be an action to control the overwhelming number of current firms in online gambling and their advertisements. Though this may mean much profit, it can also give detrimental effects on some individuals.

There are some politicians who care less on the sponsorships from the companies in betting for major sports and are in support of betting shops. This makes some of the citizens concerned that the youth in Europe are being influenced by the gambling culture. The European Commission is urging the people in power to change the laws and rules that govern the world of online gambling yet their silent approach did so little to affect the core issues that are involved in the problem of betting. The EC needs best online casino and bettors to give themselves limits in spending and to sign up for losses and winnings alerts while betting online according to Critics suggest that their strategy is simply failing to make a change because when a player reaches the limit, they can just simply create another account to play more.

Members of the state to create policies in the advertising world are also urged by the EC. However, this may also fail since lots of best casinos online are already rooted deep into advertising huge activities in sports. Efforts to keep the youth away from betting company advertising exposure is also a failure since one of the most illustrious football clubs, Real Madrid, emblazoned the name of a gambling operator online in their jerseys and in the field. The most effective way to make a change is to simply teach the youth about responsible gambling early in the schools and supported by example at home.