Microgaming Dark Knight Slot

With excitement for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises continuing to ramp up, it’s time for online casinos to cash in on the buzz. The third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s dark and realistic update of the Batman franchise won’t be here until July 20, but an exciting new slot game will be available more than one month prior.

On June 28, Microgaming will launch the new Dark Knight slot, based on the second movie in the series. The officially licensed game will feature images from the epic movie, including shots of Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as The Joker. The online slot has a background showing Gotham City’s skyline. The game features symbols of Bruce Wayne, Batman, the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent, and more. The symbols become animated when used in winning combinations, treating you to scenes from the movie.

Since the game has yet to be played, not a whole lot is known. There seems to be a bonus game where you match wits with the Joker in a guessing game, which seems fitting considering the villain’s commitment to chaos. The online slot is a 5 reel game that allows you to play up to 25 paylines. Microgaming has also announced that the game will have a randomly triggered progressive jackpot as well as random bonuses that give away prizes.

The Dark Knight slot is coming at the right time for Microgaming. Not only will it reap the benefits of the overwhelming buzz from the upcoming movie, but it will also soften the blow of losing one of their most popular online slots. For reasons unknown, Microgaming will be pulling their online slot based on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The Tolkien-inspired slot was one of Microgaming’s most popular games and was originally planned to be the first part of a trilogy. It will soon be unavailable, though.

Don’t fret, though, lest you receive a troubling “why so serious” question from the Joker. The upcoming Dark Knight slot is expected to be received with much fanfare and should be available at any casino that carries Microgaming software.