NJ iGaming Network: US No Longer Dominated

According to the data collected by Poker Fuse via Poker Scout, WSOP Nevada is now named as the 37th most heavily visited online poker network in the world after it grabbed the dominance over the US last Sunday when the company got a new all time high of 144 7-day cash-game traffic. Party Poker New Jersey, which was the former dominator of the US regulated poker industry for six months, lagged behind at the 38th spot while WSOP East Coast counterpart is at 41st place. Many look into the recent influx of players in Las Vegas wanting to experience the live WSOP despite the fact that other factors can also be in play as stated in playcasinogamesrealmoney.com. The battle for the best online casino for both networks is far from over.

Party Poker NJ never went below 40% of its volume traffic since March despite being beaten by WSOP NV with traffic that went up by 50% only over the recent three weeks. It is clear and evident that NJ’s ambition to have the best casino online is performing poorly based on statistics. January 26 numbers reveal that the averages in 7-day cash-game reached 617 which is an all time high for the past two month market. Hosted by New Jersey, the Super Bowl Sunday’s cash-game traffic levels went many steps down to an unbelievable 506. As of Sunday, approximately half of their statistic on January, an average of only 307 players was online in NJ.

Over the same time period, the international market experienced a fall of only 22% and despite the fact that Nevada only has a population of 32.6% of New Jersey’s population; the state is boasting 62.4% of that cash-game traffic. Come June, the ratio is said to be more disproportionate. The fall of New Jersey’s best casino market online is not similar with that of Italy two years ago where the cash-game tables in July 2011 showed that the Italian market enjoyed a short 3 month traffic surge. It was then followed with a 41% loss after the next 12 months; volume rebounded in the fall of the same year and then again trended downward after the next year and a half. Main reasons why NJ’s online casino scene is lagging behind includes high attrition rates, technological challenges, and small population making it very likely to get a standard of 250 during off-peak seasons.