Online Casino Awards Huge Jackpot is a UK based online casino famous for its large selection of fun, infectious slots. It will now be famous as another example of how anything can happen — no matter how little you’re willing to pay for it.

A player using the pseudonym “Sandra M” walked away with one of the sites most impressive jackpots ever recorded. After making a wager of only five pence on a game of 90-Ball Bingo, “Sandra” walked away with 2,144 pounds.

A statement from praises Sandra M and her good fortune. They say winning jackpots is not at all a rare occurrence, as there are many to be had. They do, however, maintain that it is outside the realm of ordinary for such substantial winnings to result from such a safe wager.

At, 90-Ball Bingo can be played with three different levels of risk: A player can bet five, ten, or 25 pence. The size of the jackpot varies in respect to the size of the wager, like with most games.

The popular site says that Sandra’s massive win is thanks to their progressive jackpot, which keeps growing as the games continue until some one finally wins. The statement issued by the site says that jackpots typically reach into the hundreds and rarely, as in Sandra’s case, into the thousands.

Players also have the option of playing any number of games and slots, such as: Deal or No Deal, Diamond Bonanza, Monopoly Snap, and Tycoon’s Progressive. For the bingo players there are also a bevy of mini games to be played in between games.