Online Casino Bonuses: To Sign Up, or Not to Sign Up?

Whether you’re an established online card shark, or a wet-behind-the-ears up and comer new to the vast amount reputable online casinos, you probably have one thing in common: The prospect of great bonuses is as enticing as the thrill of gambling to begin with.

Online casinos know this; they don’t offer the great gambling bonuses for their health. Being digital, and thereby far removed from the experience that on-land casinos have to offer us, online gambling rooms know they need to use the bonuses to get people through their “doors”.

On one hand this is great for prospective players, assuming that the chosen casino is worth a player’s patronage. However, many fly-by-night card houses will offer seductive bonuses in order to draw in traffic then hammer players with buggy software, and potentially underhanded business practices.

We’ve decided to breakdown the differences between signup bonuses and free bonuses. The idea being that the more informed our readers are, the more likely they will be to get the best experience gambling online they can.

No Deposit Bonuses

  • The most popular bonuses, as they do not require a player to join a site. Nor do they require players to bet with their own money.
  • Almost always there will be a limit to how many times one may obtain a free bonus. After all, no casino (online or on-land) gains anything from tossing free money around without a care.
  • There is a specified number of times for which players are required to play (or earn) before being able to gain the cash equivalent of the bonus.
  • The player must meet strict requirements before he/she can withdraw the free money.

Deposit/Signup Bonuses

  • As the name implies, players must signup to a chosen casino before obtaining these bonuses.
  • As a thanks to a player’s decision to join a site, signup bonuses tend to be higher in value than free cash bonuses. Act as incentives to bring in the crowds.
  • Can be obtained by simply signing up. Some times, however, players are required to¬† play in the same room for a designated number of turns, as well as betting as much as one can each turn. Some sites even offer the bonuses once a player refers a certain number of friends to the site.

Most websites also offer enticing holiday bonuses, so be on the lookout for those.

A warning should be extended to potential abusers of online bonuses, however: Just like their physical counterparts, Online casinos do not appreciate when gamblers try to take advantage of them. If you make a habit of joining sites with the sole intention of exploiting the offered bonus, you can risk being blacklisted. There are databases that keep track of blacklisted players, and this can prevent players from joining other sites or even receiving bonuses.

As with any endeavor (especially wherein money is at stake) prospective players should do their homework. Shop around, and don’t settle on a solid bonus until you find the best online casino for your needs. As is the common mantra of capitalism: Buyer Beware.