Online Jackpots Come in Threes. Sometimes Fours.

Earlier this month it was reported that England-based online casino had gifted one lucky player with an unheard of, massive, jackpot. The player by the pseudonym of “Sandra M” walked away with over 2,000 British pounds after making a five pence wager on a game of 90-Ball Bingo. The media was shocked, and it seemed as though all returned to normal.

A few days after the surprise win, allowing the dust just enough time to settle, announced that they had another jackpot winner on their hands. This time a player going by the pseudonym “Sarah M” was the recipient. After making a 10 pence wager (again, on the site’s popular 90-Ball Bingo), Sarah M waltzed off with over 12,000 British pounds.

It doesn’t end there. Before the dust could settle at Jackpot Joy, a player by the pseudonym of “Alyson H” took home over 10,000 British pounds after making a 25 pence wager on the Prohibition Era-themed slots game, “Diamond Bonanza”. This marked the third impressive jackpot in a staggering span of only six days.

But wait — there’s more! The dust has barely left the surface, and there has been another upset sweep in the world of online gambling jack pots.

The most recent win, according to a press release issued by European online casino King Solomon’s Casino, is all the more impressive. It is certainly a case of saving the best for last.

A Greek player with the pseudonym “P.P.” has claimed three amazing jackpots, all through playing the same game. The game in question is King Solomon’s popular Great Blue Slots. The first win occurred on April 7th, and netted P.P. a jackpot of 24,646 Euros. Three days later, P.P. walked away with a jackpot of 29,828 Euros. More amazing still was P.P.’s victory six days later — he walked away with a jackpot of 109,712 Euros.

For whatever reason, it seems that even the best on-land casino cannot hold a candle to the best online casino. Not with these kinds of results.