Topical Online Slots

If there is one thing casino software developers love, it’s current events. They love to create topical slots that capture the buzz of something going on at that time in the world. When a hot movie comes out, they release a new online slot licensed from that movie, if possible. If they couldn’t get the license, they release a knock-off that is similar enough to the movie for the fans but not similar enough to get a lawsuit.

The same can be said for popular video games, TV shows, and sporting events. In the run-up to the Super Bowl, online casinos released new football-themed slots. Online slots with soccer themes came out around the time of the FIFA World Cup. Now we have the Olympics. Any online casinos with existing games that are based on the Olympics or in some way capture the essence of the games are featuring those games. There is also a new game to cash in on the Olympic games.

Playtech has released a new online slot called the Wild Games. It is based on the Olympics, but unofficially. It has three wild animals – a hippo, a cheetah, and a bulldog – that compete in various sporting events, including gymnastics, track and field, and swimming.

The topical online slots usually do rather well. With thousands of online slots on the Web, getting noticed is big and if you can catch people’s attention by playing off of current buzz, that’s a big part of the game. With that in mind, expect more Olympic-themed games, bonuses, tournaments, and other promotions to pop up soon since the games are starting tomorrow.